The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is always a welcome card in any spread. This Queen is engaged in the world around her, willing to stand her ground, participate and keep a conversation going. The Wands are a suit of creative energy: The spark of a new idea combined with the potential to achieve it. The Queen of Wands expresses a distinct control over the combustible energy of The Wands. She's the only Queen of the deck facing fully forward, a position generally given to The Kings of the deck. Her confident and stable energy is a requirement in the realm of The Wands, as a woman of any less grit might not be taken seriously!

I've always considered this Queen to be especially interesting, as she strikes me as the type who would actually DO tarot! Her black cat lends her a bit of mystery, don't you think? The inspired, motivated, and interested energy of The Wands lends itself to the seeking out of non-traditional solutions. If you see the Queen of Wands in your spread, you may want to consider meditating or developing/maintaining your intuition. This Queen indicates a fertile and open environment, you need only be brave enough to venture out!

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