The Moon

When The Moon makes an appearance in a reading, it’s an indicator that careful attention must be paid moving forward. The Moon is such an interesting card. Not always an easy one to read, but always interesting. The Moon is sunlight reflected, hence the visual on the card. And though wolves may howl at The Moon, they’re calling out towards light provided by The Sun. And yet The Moon is still it’s own force to be reckoned with, powerful and vulnerable, always influencing nature at its core. The Moon is meant to move us, to stir something within us that The Sun alone cannot. When I see The Moon in a reading, I advise the querent to be mindful of any signs coming their way. Your intuition wants to guide you in the right direction, but you must also guard your sense of spiritual direction from negative gravitational pulls. The Moon does influence all, but you have the power to encourage and restore positive direction in your life. Come on into the shop, and mention The Moon card and what it means to you to receive $1 off a Mojo Kit of your choice!

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