The Upcoming Harvest Moon

On September 24th, The Harvest Moon will rise and it's a perfect opportunity to reflect and meditate on your intentions for the year ahead. Let's talk about a few things we like incorporating into our spiritual routines during the full moon.

Charging Your Tarot/Oracle Decks

The full moon is a wonderful time to clear and energize your deck! Find a window in your. When you place your deck down for charging, be mindful of which cards bookend the deck. Select meaningful cards for the types of readings you want to do, we recommend The High Priestess and The Fool. Lay the deck down on a soft cloth in a window that gets the most moonlight, surround the deck with a few sprinkles of salt or lay selenite nearby and let your deck cleanse and charge!

Energizing Crystals/Stones

As with your decks, this is a great time to charge your crystals. A little moonlight can go a long way in amplifying your favorite stones. Bonus points if you've got a moon stone!


The Harvest Moon will be a great time to add a little extra oomph to any spellwork you may have in mind. Whether you're making a simmer spell or creating intentions for the lunar cycle ahead, The Harvest Moon is a perfect time to celebrate how much you've grown this year!

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