October Stones

October is the end of the harvest as well as preparation for the winter months ahead. It's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and start laying the groundwork for the new year that's coming. Read on to see what crystals & stones we're working with this season!

As we go into the winter cycle, we wanted to share a selection of crystals & stones we've got at the shop we think you'll love!

Garden Moss Agate

A power stone for wealth, abundance, fertility. Use Moss Agate to do a little Fall Clearing in your spiritual arsenal. Associated with the heart chakra, growth and understanding of past experiences.


A second wind in stone form! Inspires action, progress, courage. As we head into the winter, Carnelian is a great stone for anyone wishing to avoid hitting a hibernation rut!

October is a great time to take stock of what did and didn't work this year. Recognize where you're doing well and what goals you've achieved. Take a moment of gratitude for how much you've grown this year and welcome opportunities to continue growing. And come on into the shop and scoop up a stone or two!

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