December Stones & Gems

December is a great time of year to celebrate the fruits of your labor and to start laying the groundwork for success in the coming year. If you're looking to add a few stones to your

collection, here are a few we're working with this season!

You'll notice a common theme of communication: Now is the perfect time to start aligning your thoughts & hopes with your actions. Start speaking your goals, your wants and

your needs into the universe.

Lapis Lazuli

Self-empowerment, wisdom, healing energy.

Great for psychic exploration and adding momentum.

Blue Obsidian

Communication, protection, vision quests.

Intuition, clarity.

Blue Calcite

Grounding, focus, inspiration.

Beautiful stone that encourages communication of wants & needs.

Quartz Points

Clearing and cleansing tarot decks, insight, purification.

Great for wearing or placing around areas to guide positive energy.

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