Incense Scrying

Sometimes, the wisps of smoke coming off incense are just...mesmerizing. And if you find yourself gazing into the smoke and getting lost in thought, maybe there's a reason: Perhaps there's a message waiting to be seen.

Capnomancy, or the studying of smoke after a fire has been made, seems fittingly difficult to find definitive information on. Much like the smoke one looks into, it's not easy to find descriptions of what types of smoke mean what.

capnomancy (n.)

"divination by smoke," c. 1600, with -mancy "divination by means of" + Latinized form of Greek kapnos "smoke," which is of uncertain origin, perhaps a non-Indo-European substrate word that also produced Lithuanian kvapas "breath, smell," kvepiu, kvėpti "to gasp, breathe," Latvian kvept "to smoke, smell," and perhaps Latin vapor.


There seems to be a consensus that straight plumes may indicate good omens, while smoke that reaches the ground may signal hard times ahead. Keeping safety in mind, white pieces of paper may be ran through the smoke of intention candles (like chakra colored candles) to discover soot marks, which can then be read. But again, not much is spoken about specifics and perhaps it's better that way. Smoke scrying seems to be a deeply personal vision, where you are best guided by your own intuition.

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