Gifting & Receiving a Tarot Deck

There's a certain magick that surrounds receiving a gifted deck. And there's a certain magick in gifting one as well. In my experience, the deck my friend chose for me is the one

I vibe with best & work with most often.

So when a friend sent me a tarot deck this week, I wanted to give it a proper welcome. I had been looking at the Ancient Italian Tarot online when out of the blue my friend texted me that I needed to travel to Italy. I was shocked, what are the chances? I took it as a sign of our connectedness (and also a sign I should probably go to Italy heh) & he very kindly bought the deck for me! It arrived yesterday, and I've been absolutely swooning over it.

Welcoming A New Deck Unwrap the deck and let it breathe! I'm not much for keeping decks in their original boxing. Velvet sachets, handmade bags, and cigar boxes make for great deck houses. I've used them all, but my spiritual arsenal seems to keep outgrowing itself, so I have upgraded to an antique silverware box! Start setting the intention for your deck.

What types of readings & messages are you hoping to receive?

Choose stones & herbs to amplify those intentions. I went with selenite & quartz points.

Check in on The Sun and The Moon.

What sign is it in? What phase? You can check in here: For my deck, the moon is waxing crescent and in Sagittarius. A Sagittarius sun & moon it is! I'm hoping for this deck to offer kind & encouraging readings, particularly if delicate matters are concerned. I'm hopeful this deck will inspire people, and open up doors for creative & emotional expression. The celebratory nature of Sagittarius is perfect for my deck. Choose a root & crown card, or let the deck choose its own.

Either intentionally place a card at the bottom or shuffle and see what the deck decides for its own roots. My deck chose The Death card. I initially considered choosing again haha! But The Death card is powerful & transformative energy and if that's where my deck is rooted - so be it! I decided to crown my deck with the King of Cups. Transformation, enlightenment & expression. Love it!

Settle your deck in for the night. Find a place that feels right, set the stage and let the deck do its thing. I've placed my deck in a Quartz bowl filled with salt (to purify & cleanse) & sprinkled with a communication kit from Mama Tracy. I've set it on my piano bench, in the hopes that kind & creative vibes will prevail.

Let it rest until you think it's ready & take it for a spin. Each deck has its own messages to offer, and the more you engage with it the stronger your intuition and receptivity will become.

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