A Candle Trio for Positive New Year Vibes

When I popped into the shop recently, Mama Tracy curated a trio of candles for us to welcome in the new year. If you or someone you know could use some good mojo and positive momentum in your life, this trio might be for you! And enjoy the free stone coupon at the end of this post!

💰Money💰 Kick off the New Year with an intention of prosperity and success! With notes of Sassafras, patchouli, basil and vetiver. 🙏Healing🙏 Great for health & wellness intentions. With Frankincense, myrrh, lavender, chamomile, black pepper, red cedar, and hyssop. ✨Restore the Energy ✨ This year got you feeling tired or overwhelmed? Invite some positive & restorative energy into your life and the year ahead. Fragrant passion fruit.

And now for the coupon! Show this on your phone and get a free dollar stone with ANY purchase!

#candles #deals

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