Winter Solstice & The Full Cold Moon

What are you doing to celebrate the Winter Solstice? The Full Cold Moon will exit Gemini and enter its home in Cancer. According to "This year is the first time a full moon will coincide with the solstice since 2010. The next time will be in 2094." So let's take a look at some ways to harness this special occasion and its accompanying energy.

With the moon exiting Gemini and entering Cancer, now is a great time to encourage emotional balance in your life. If you've been feeling a little frazzled, conflicted or off-balance, light intention candles at an altar and invite positive growth in your life.

A Full Moon in Cancer can be a time of reckonings. Emotions may be encouraged to surface. The life-giving feminine energy of the moon is strong enough to alter oceans, resistance is not recommended! Honor your true feelings.

Full moons are always a great time to charge your crystals, decks, amulets, pendants, just about everything! And if you can't see the light from the Cold Moon, it's powerful and impactful energy will still be felt by all. Set up a space near a window or room that has access to the moon's energy.

And of course, the full moon is always a fun time to just get witchy andlet the Moon to work its magick in your life.

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