The Season of Giving and the Six of Pentacles

Whether you're a new or seasoned reader or you're just interested in the beauty of tarot, we're hoping you'll enjoy reflecting on these cards and their energies. And since December is a season of giving and we're looking at the Six of Pentacles.

The six of pentacles, as depicted in the universal waite deck


across the suits, the sixes represent paths to growth and harmony. major arcana parent card energy: The Lovers

Common Attributes: financial opportunity, transition, generosity, mutually beneficial situations, charity, success

The Six of Pentacles is a positive card that represents material and physical success, and perhaps a little extra to share. As rooted in real, tangible success as the pentacles are, the Six is a moment that acknowledges the emotional & spiritual benefits of sharing your wealth. And that's not necessarily a monetary transaction - maybe you're a great resource for a certain topic or a shoulder to lean on.

When this card pops up in readings, it's a good indicator that resources and relief are either available to you or you are able to provide them for someone else. In reversals, perhaps it indicates a situation where the give and take is unbalanced.

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