An Intention for Prosperity & Stability

I can't pretend to speak for everyone, but I'm feeling grateful for the freshness that the new year brings. I want to manifest some abundance in my life going forward. So I've dug into my spirit arsenal and come up with a meaningful intention I'd like to share.

What You'll Need

A candle

A match

Pyrite, to attract good fortune

Cedar, for stability, life and preservation

The Ace of Pentacles or another meaningful card/object to represent your intention

Create a space for your intention. As you spark the match, breathe in and think of what success means to you. Light the candle and speak your intention out loud.

Here are a few suggested intentions.

I invite success and joy into my life.

I will chase away negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

I'm willing to put in the necessary work for the success I deserve.

I work towards security, stability and harmony in life.

I am safe and cared for and I believe the best is yet to come.

I'm a big believer in the power of intentions. It's important to take time to be purposeful in your thoughts and actions. Intentions like this increase your awareness and bolster your courage to take action. I hope this intention is helpful to you in your journey.

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