No Such Thing as Too Many Tarot Decks

If you've bought one deck, you've bought two.

And if you've got two decks, you're eyeing two or three more!

The decks in the shop are always rotating, and so I keep my out for interesting art decks. One of my favorites I've found at Mama's was the Fairy Lights Tarot, which has a beautiful story-telling feature to it. Each card belongs to a pair and they make for some stunning tarot reads. It's also interesting to meditate on the pairings of energies that make the picture, as they often seem unrelated at first glance. This is a great deck for anyone wanting to make deeper connections with the arcana.

fairy lights tarot

I love the Under the Roses Lenormand deck. It's always a fun, witchy read. The images are beautiful, and every time I pull a few out the messages are always practical and meaningful.

under the roses

I'm big on the Universal Waite deck. The standard Rider-Waite has much bolder, brassier colors and I prefer the muted shades of the Universal deck. I prefer the back of the cards as well, which have a shimmery constellation vibe to them.

universal waite

The Fantod Pack by Edward Gorey is easily my favorite and totally unneccesary art deck I own.

It's dreary and strange and I love it.

fantod pack

Far and away the deck I work with most is the Shadowscapes deck. My best friend gifted it to me and the deck just SPEAKS to me. I vibe so well with this deck. The tones, the animal imagery, the depictions of the major's just my deck.


Have your eyes on any decks? What would decks would you like to see in the shop?

deck storage

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