Everything's Coming Up Aces: The Wand

Join us as we spend the next week diving into The Aces of the tarot deck! We're going to discuss some essential attributes of these cards and explore ways to channel ace energy in our own lives.

First up, The Wand!

The Aces all call back to their parent card: The Magician. The Magician is all about skills, knowledge and manifesting. He's got every ace up his sleeve. So when he holds The Wand, what's he holding?

The Wand represents spark. The energy in this suit is masculine, and that reflects pretty clearly in the arcana. Throughout the wands of the Rider-Waite deck, men are seen in various stages of contemplating, discovering, developing, managing and struggling with opportunities. When an ace presents itself in a spread, it usually means the environment is rich with potential. But how to best go about securing success? It's great when you're hit with divine inspiration - but it's vital, particularly in The Wands, that you also have focus, drive, organization and a quality network to encourage growth.

The Wand is a valuable resource. It represents the desire to succeed and having the skill & competency to make it possible. Maybe a new idea is about to come to life, a new career path may make itself known, perhaps finally you'll start seeing your hard work be both financially and personally rewarding or maybe you'll finally feel brave enough to start standing up for yourself. The Ace of Wands speaks to personal inspiration, excitement about a potential new venture, feeling courageous and willing to put themselves out there, collaborative & romantic relationships, and calling upon masculine influences to succeed. The spark in The Ace is essential when it comes to maintaining stamina long-term. But that spark is combustible under certain conditions, so it's important to be mindful of your limits.

A Meditation on The Ace of Wands

What inspires and animates you? What, if it was handed to you, would provide you with the ideal environment to put all of your plans in motion?

What actions are you taking to see your goals brought to success?

At what point would success and opportunity start to become burden & obligations?

How can you maintain your passion and avoid burnout?

#aceofwands #comingupaces

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