A Room of One's Own: The 9 of Pentacles

Strong, successful, independent. Radiating with joy, secure, with all needs met. The 9 of Pentacles is a true card of independence. And now that all the stuffed bears and chocolates have been put on clearance, we wanted to explore this bold and independent feminine energy. Cuz hey - not everybody has or wants a Valentine. Sometimes you just want to reconnect with your self.

This card has connections with freedom, stability, personal development, hobbies, passions, and generally just kind of LOVING the life you're living. When this card presents itself in a spread, it can be speaking to enriching environments. Perhaps its turned up for someone whose been putting off their own needs for too long. The lady in this card is beautiful for all the best reasons: Self-assured, confident, steering her own life and attending to her own needs. The 9 of Pentacles carries an important message: You and your needs and wants MATTER. Don't let your heart continue on with suffering if it isn't necessary. When we're less constricted and stuck in negative holding patterns, we breathe freer. Rest is restful and love is lovelier.

The lady in the 9 would say to us "Don't let dust settle on your dreams. Find the time. Invest in your self and see the payoff in other aspects of your life."

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