Full Moon in Virgo + Mojo Kit? Yes please!

Tonight's Full Moon is a great time to channel the committed, practical, kind, reassuring vibes of Virgo. I always feel that I could use a little more Virgo energy in my life and I've picked out a mojo kit to work a little full moon magick. Whether you've got a mojo kit on hand or maybe one found its way to you through a grab bag from the shop, Full Moon in Virgo is an ideal time to set an intention. Honor the Virgo moon by practicing your awareness and focusing in on your goals, making decisions to be more organized and more true to your self, sticking to your principles, and releasing any negativity that comes along with going confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Check on your natal chart and determine what house your Virgo is in and do a little house cleaning! For me, Virgo is in my 7th House and that's going to be speaking to me a lot about relationships, communication and criticism. Once you know what house Virgo is in for you, you can reflect on how those traits might be manifesting in your life and how you can work with that energy or determine ways to channel it to your benefit!

Tonight I'll be doing the Boo Hoo Barbee Kit. I got it in a grab bag that was ten thousand percent meant for me and I'm ready to vibe with the Virgo moon energy and work towards breaking out of the mental fog I've been feeling stuck in. This kit is great for releasing personal negative emotions, like anxiety, stress and exhaustion and getting you on the fast track to staying positive.

Think you'll be busting out any mojo kits this evening? I'd love to hear which one!

#mojokit #fullmoon #virgo #boohoobarbee

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