Vulnerability & Strength: The Two of Swords

Maybe it's the post-Valentines and post-full moon energy, but I've been thinking about the Two of Swords lately. I've always thought it was one of the most striking images in the Rider-Waite deck. A blind-folded woman, swords crossed in front of her, sitting with her back to the sea. There's so much vulnerability in this card, and the general associations the card gets reflect that: Indecision. Naive. Avoidance. But once you start connecting with the arcana, you start drawing your own associations with the energy. And where the textbook definitions talk a lot about unwillingness to commit one way or the other, I see a dramatic display of both vulnerability AND strength.

I personally think it takes a tremendous amount of courage to place yourself in such a position. There's a trust in the unknown happening here that takes place nowhere else in this suit. The senses are highly tuned in, the mind very focused. So while perhaps the lady in the Two of Swords may need to make her decision soon, she's put herself in a position to be very guided by her own intuitions on the issue. I get the impression she understands the weight of the swords in her hands and is carefully considering the options in front of her. The twos herald back to the The High Priestess and the swords express that expansive energy here.


By determining what elements are within their control.

By exploring and confronting those elements which are not.

And with careful consideration and skepticism.

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