March Stones!

This March, try to shake off some of your inhibitions and embrace the potential for things to go GOOD in your life. The energies of Pisces and Aries are calling us to be a little more inspired and spontaneous about the way we're living. And we're feeling inspired to share some of the stones we're working with. Come on into the shop and see what energy wants to be brought into your life!



Protection against the evil eye, breaking negative patterns, scrying.

A strong protector of children when traveling, balancing relationships, nightmares.


Personal magnetism, said to heal & support those facing karmic battles.

Worn on the right for closing metaphysical doors, the left for opening them.

Strong yang energy. Post traumatic growth and shadow side exploration.


A strong stone for those of Celtic heritage, regaining control in your life.

Kundalini energy, clearing chakra blockages, mental health.

Pistachio Calcite

A teaching stone that stimulates insight & boosts memory. Emotional intelligence.

Mental healer, communication, heart chakra.

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