Hard Card Series: The Tower

In our Hard Cards Series, we explore some of the most challenging cards in tarot. If you've ever found yourself mid-tarot spread staring at a card like 😳 then this is a series you'll want to follow. We'll be checking out both major & minor cards and hopefully we'll guide you in making some quality connections with their meanings. And today, we've arrived at The Tower. If we're going to do a series on Hard Cards, we gotta talk about The Tower. She's a helluva sight, struck down by spontaneous lightning, bodies falling to the ground. There's no clear reason for this demolition, it's just being brought down.

The Tower, from the Shadowscapes Deck

16 ⚡ Associated with: aries + scorpio, mars, garlic

Common Attributes: Sudden & unavoidable change. Unforeseen circumstances, crumbling of exteriors, swift changes in course, external forces provoking change, no time to brace for impact

The Tower of the Rider-Waite Deck

The Tower is powerful energy but it's also a card that's easy to glaze over or rush past in a reading if you're not sure what to say. We've all had readings when we were just starting out and someone pulled The Tower and we said something like, "Life, right? Crazy times lay ahead." If you feel a little clumsy reading this card, you are not alone! Ya just gotta keep reading the cards and growing your connection.

As with all the cards in our series yes, we could get into the textbook definitions. The broad concept in The Tower of sudden & unavoidable change certainly means SOMEthing but in order for us to grow as readers, we've got to connect with that something. Our intention is to help you make meaningful connections with these energies, to grow as both a tarot reader and human being. So sit down on your own or with a few fellow tarot enthusiasts, your favorite crystals, a good cup of tea and allow the cards to speak to you. Here's a few questions for your tarot journal:

Pull out The Tower from each of your decks. How is sudden change depicted? Which representation speaks to you the most?

Place The Tower in each court and consider how the Kings & Queens would respond. How do The Pentacles respond to their kingdom crumbling? What about The Cups? What strengths would each suit rely on and what new skills would they have to develop to recover?

Write a few paragraphs about a time in your life you weren't prepared for. When your world shattered around you and your foundations were shook, how did you pull through? Acknowledge positive strategies and consider the negative ones as well.

The Tower, from The Passenger Deck

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