Energy for the Week: The Hermit

This week, we're being called upon by The Hermit. Before spring really springs, before we are fully prepared to exit our hibernation and re-enter the world, why not take a page from The Hermit's story and spend a little time focusing our energy inwards? When we take the time to explore and develop our own intuition, we're less likely to be led astray. The Hermit speaks to you in soft, assuring tones: You already know the way ahead. Be led by your heart and spirit.

I love the depiction of this energy in the Linestrider Tarot Deck. The Hermit doesn't speak to isolation so much as introspection, and the unmistakable strength of the bear features that so well. There's real power to be found within, if we're willing to take the time and do the work.

inner work - inner peace

#midweekenergy #thehermit

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