Frame Drum Wisdom Sound Circle April 4th!

We are SO excited to be hosting Karen Renée Robb, the founder of Frame Drum Wisdom, for an amazing sound circle next week! This is a truly meaningful and uplifting experience and we want you to be a part of it! These events are healing and therapeutic, and participants are encouraged to drum and sing regardless of any musical training. "Through the creation of sound vibrations from singing and drumming, the cells of the body are activated and energized, creating a wonderful sensation that affects not only the body, but helps ease the mind, emotions and spirit," Karen Robb shares on her web site.

Check out to learn more about this incredible experience and call us at the shop to reserve your spot for the April 4th Sound Circle!

Join us on April 4th from 7-9 pm. Frame drums and other instruments will be provided. No musical experience necessary.

Call us at (248) 327-3935 to reserve your place in the sound circle!

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