Weekend Energy: The Star - Let Optimism Prevail!

Mercury is finally out of retrograde (THANK YOU) and the energy of The Star is stepping up this weekend with her optimism & guidance. The Star speaks to our hopefulness, our faith in humanity and our instincts to follow the signs we receive from the universe.

This is a PERFECT weekend to pull out your best listening skills and really HEAR the messages you might otherwise be missing.

Take some time this weekend to tune in to the environment around you. Light a candle in the evening and ask for a message in your dreams. Listen carefully and look closely, be present in the lives of the people around you and make an effort to truly hear the things they tell you. Be on the lookout for "coincidences" because The Star and fate just might be trying to speak to you.

optimism - listening - signs from the universe

#weekendenergy #thestar #linestrider

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