Keychain Crystal Cages!

Last time I popped into the shop, I saw the display on the counter of all the keychain cages and was INSPIRED! I absolutely love my spiral cage necklaces and have been wanting to get one for my daughter, but when I saw these keychains I thought YES! That's what we need. I've been wanting to get her a malachite stone, since it's good for children when they travel. What better place to have her malachite stone than on her keys, traveling with her wherever she goes? Mama Tracy recommended that I pair the malachite with amethyst and I absolutely love how this charm has turned out!

This is SUCH a great deal at the shop. Most cages come with a stone in them. If you're ever wondering what stone or crystal might be good for your situation, be sure to ask someone at the shop! They always have great recommendations and will steer you in the right direction!


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