April Stones - Aries & Taurus vibes!

This April, the energies of Aries and Taurus are calling us to be bold and motivated. When you get dressed in the morning, put on a layer of Aries confidence and put a little Tauran pep in your step. Now is a perfect time to break out of holding patterns and start establishing positive ways to express yourself. We can all learn a lot from the strong, momentous vibes of Aries & Taurus. With the spark of Aries and the stable pace of Taurus, it's an ideal time to bring your ideas into action.

Inspiration abounds in the spring.

We're feeling inspired to share some of the stones we're working with. Come on into the shop and see what energy wants to be brought into your life!


Balance, centering, organization. Shuts off manipulation and breaks negative patterns of behavior. Clarity and boldness, concentration. Great stone for Aries energy.


A Taurus stone. Solar plexus. Breaks patterns of self-destruction and encourages self-love. Inspires un-selfish actions. Soul support during tumultuous times. Wear during times of anxiety and panic.

Spider Jasper

A stone of supreme nurturing. Courage, assertiveness. Encourages honesty with your self.

When worn with intention, brings joy & contentment into your life.

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