Midweek Energy: Strengthening Your Foundations

Our mid-week energy is coming from The Emperor. It can be difficult to connect with your inner Emperor, particularly if you struggle with masculine energy or influences. He gets the rep of being the stern father, but generally speaking it helps to have The Emperor in your corner. This card speaks to our stability, our security and our foundations as a person. This is high-quality unshakeable energy, and for our mid-week reading it means we're probably going to be asked to uphold our position or our values. So if you find yourself stumbling or feeling like you're on the defense, channel The Emperor and explore your foundations. Where did you get your values? Is there a root at this issue you haven't truly dealt with? Why is this issue so important to you? Why are you feeling defensive? Are you being unreasonable for having principles or is it that other people are being unreasonable for expecting you to relent on things that are important to you? It's perfectly fine to hear differing opinions and have meaningful conversations, but don't back down from walking your own path in life.

explore your origins - reinforce your foundations

#midweekenergy #theemperor

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