Energy for the Week: Make Time For Your Self (The Page of Swords)

April is nearly half way through, and we've pulled the Page of Swords as we set off towards May. This is pensive energy, the kind that really needs a good cup of tea and a few hours to process & assess their situation. Now isn't a great time to make emotional decisions. Sometimes we can get caught up with these pressured feelings that we need to SUCK IT UP, HEAL, RECOVER, MOVE ON - but the Page of Swords encourages us to really consider the full weight of our circumstances and address any internal issues that are popping up.

Take time to read or journal, search for resources and cast a wide net if you need support, make sure you have a few of creature comforts, and bring out a box of tissues if you just need to let it out. Don't rush through your situation. Work with the positive AND negative energy in your life.

You'll be smarter and stronger in the long run.

mourning - self care - thoughtfulness

#midweekenergy #pageofswords

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