Mindful Moon Gazing: When the Moon is in your North or South Node

Lately I've been getting WAY into astrology. It helps when just about all of your friends are into it as well - and you can just bounce ideas and concepts off each other. And I was speaking with my friend about how I'd been feeling like I'd sort of fallen behind in terms of personal progress and was feeling wobbly on some commitments to change that I'd made. Without missing a beat she said, "The moon is in your south node, so you're slipping into familiar territory."

And it inspired me to write about it here! I started off with a very basic, maybe not even basic, understanding of astrology. I knew I was a Cancer and that I seemed to fit the basic descriptions pretty well. But it wasn't until a couple years ago that I started delving deeper into astrology, mostly thanks to the incredible interest in it my good friend has. She's become my go-to person if I've got a question about moon placement or exploring the 12 houses. I'm far from well-versed in astrology but I am absolutely FASCINATED by the North and South Node concepts. If you don't know what your North/South Nodes are, you can fill out this form to determine what it is. Helpful information on nodes & houses can be found here.

I think it's worth tracking the moon and journaling any feelings/progress/backslides you might be having and seeing if they tie into your North or South Node. Determine what house your North Node is in. Explore what that means for you personally. You may not like that direction your North Node indicates you need to travel (I know I'm not super comfortable being an Aries north node, I like my Libra harmony & partnerships!) but learning about these aspects of your chart can be incredibly informative and helpful as you move forward in life. So be a little mindful about where the moon is at and the influence in may be having in your life.

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