Energy for the Week: Lay Down Your Stress (The Wheel of Fortune)

This week, it's time to take a rest from carrying around the weight and burden of our worries. The Wheel of Fortune has stepped forward and is here to remind us that while yes, stressing and worrying are part of the human condition - at the end of the day? There really are some things that we just can't change. We can wring our hands and lay in bed running through worst case scenarios, but the Wheels of Fate are spinning and sometimes ya gotta just SURRENDER. Surrender to the idea that as much as we may have invested into a situation, sometimes there are going to be sunk costs. We can run through a hundred possible ways for something to go, prepare for impact or brace for the worst or hope for the best. It's EASY to get lost in the immense possibility of everything.

Lay down the worry for a little bit, do some grounding work, and open yourself to the liberating feeling of ACCEPTANCE. Your life will continue to move forward, through valleys and peaks, always in a direction that is going to serve your spirit. The things that make us feel vulnerable & fragile during one season of life are often the very things that prepare us for stepping up and being brave in the next.

If you find yourself preoccupied or distracted from the present because you're maybe a bit caught up stressing about the future? I encourage you to light a red candle, hold or wear a strong root chakra stone (like carnelian) and do a grounding meditation outdoors.

Be barefoot in the grass.

Feel the actual world under your feet.

acceptance - root chakra

#energyfortheweek #wheeloffortune #rootchakra

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