Featured Mojo Kit: Cash Flow + Taurus Vibes

I am loving the Cash Flow Mojo Kit - it comes with a Jade stone to carry and help attract abundance. Jade is also a wonderful stone for our current sun sign, Taurus. Carry it to inspire a little of that Taurus Bull Go Get It Attitude. That kind of spirit is necessary when we're feeling called to advocate for ourselves financially! Your security and stability as a person matter, so take some time this month and meditate on how far you've come or how much you still have to look forward to achieving.

Our intentions matter and when we actively encourage and manifest prosperity in our lives, we open our potential and awareness. Scoop one of these up if you're dealing with realty matters, looking for a new job, seeking a promotion or simply want to meditate on what success and blessings you have.

#mojoofthemonth #mojokit #cashflow #jade #taurus

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