Energy for the Weekend: What Looks Fair In Your Life? (Judgment)

This weekend, we've got Judgment checking in on us. I think she's visited us to remind us that while nothing in life is inherently fair, the decisions we make and actions we take influence the course of our lives. There are always forces at work behind the scenes, and we would do well to respect those energies. When our actions are not in line with our principles, we will struggle to find our footing. When we're using sound Judgment, we can move forward with peace and acceptance.

Are we doing the fair thing? Are we considering how our actions affect others? Are we making assumptions about how another person in the situation feels? Judgment is here this weekend to encourage Honesty. Truth. Humility. Doing the right thing never guarantees that the right things will be done back to us. We should do the right thing anyways. She wants us to feel confident enough to make clear-headed and reasonable decisions, the kind that aren't always the easiest to make.

Nothing really ever goes unseen.

Your courage will be noted.

We all feel Judgment move throughout our lives, maybe in how we feel people judging us or when we exercise our own Judgment. Sometimes we're called to task for exercising our right to judgment, and we either have to be grounded enough to stand up for what we're saying and doing or we have to be humble enough to admit when we've made a mistake.

Judgment is on call this weekend.

Act accordingly.

honesty - rationality - humility

#weekendenergy #judgment #hardcardseries

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