Gemini Vibes & Stones!

Spring spring spring, how we have missed you! Feeling so grateful for sunshine, blossoms and the return of warm breezes rustling freshly green leaves. A thing of beauty.

And it's Gemini time now, which means our Spring Sun is encouraging communication and the seizing of opportunity. It's a perfect time for expression, organization, and the handling of personal affairs. Make lists, check them off, and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

If you're wanting to manifest or amplify the Gemini vibes in your day to day grind, come on up to the shop and scoop up some of the stones we're working with this month!


Acceptance of change, showing kindness, shields against negativity, alleviates worry, emotional growth, root & sacral chakras

Blue Quartz

Brings Harmony & order, power stone for music lovers, throat chakra


Calming, intelligence, intuition, balance

#stonesofthemonth #gemini

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