Featured Mojo: Besitos (Little Kisses)

Something about all the new blossoms, sunshine and lush greens everywhere...it's got new love on the mind! And this is a PERFECT kit for manifesting attraction & desire. Plain and simple, it's probably one of the most FUN kits at the shop. Who doesn't love dabbling in a little witchy attraction magic every now and then?

Little Besitos is an incense kit, that comes with incense and charcoal and instructions on how to manifest and direct your intentions! You add the Besitos incense to the charcoal to a burner or metal container, making sure to be safe that it does not come in contact with wood or plastic, and speak your intention. This kit is all about our desires, so get creative! And play with care, there are dark side altar uses for this kit so be mindful of what you're wishing for.


#mojokit #mojoofthemonth #besitos #thelovers #magic

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