Energy for the Weekend: Support & Comfort from Our Ancestral Mothers

There's just something about Gemini time that reminds me of the Big Picture of everything, the duality of life, and how easy it is this time of year to get caught up in Extremes. The big rush of spring sunlight, the furious downpour. Joyful outdoor excursions, moody time stuck indoors. Spring heading into Summer can inspire incredible motivation, organization and hard work. And just as fast, it can leave you feeling unaccomplished, unable to move forward and ready to throw in the towel.

So hooray and hallelujah, our Energy for this Weekend is Support! And I absolutely LOVE the image that is depicted here. It's like you can FEEL the Ancestral Mothers sharing their wisdom, encouragement and support. This weekend, we should all make some time to honor our Ancestral Mothers and connect with The Divine Feminine energy that stabilizes Earth.

When things are going so good you can't help but smile from ear to ear, the Ancestral Mother is there smiling with you. When things start to feel so extreme you're not sure you can take it anymore, the Ancestral Mother is there cheering you on. Maybe not in a short skirt with glitter hairspray and pom poms. But with wise eyes and tender hands and comforting tones: You are not alone.

So this weekend, and always really, take some time to feel supported and be supportive. Till the garden and water the plants. Be kind to someone. Hold your child's hand, hug your Mother, and mail someone a letter. Feel Earth in your hands and sun on your shoulders. Reach out for resources from trusted family and friends. Step into a body of water and feel the Moon's influence. Sit outside at dusk and listen to evening Earth sounds. Our Ancestral Mothers are always lifting us up, no matter the weight of our situation. There are women from centuries gone by who have suffered and survived and whose experiences are part of a Divine Current in the world's emotional body. One day, we too will join that current. When we take time to tune into our support systems and we make time to be there for those in need , we are honoring and supporting our Sisters, our Mothers, our Daughters, our Self.

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