What stones & crystals are you wearing these days?

Lately, I've really been loving my crystal cage necklace. And I've been wearing it with this pretty agate that a friend gifted to me, for positive energy and forward momentum.

A little reminder and encouragement for stamina through difficult times? Yes, please.

I always like choosing the stone for a few days and doing my best to be aware of the healing properties of it. If you're wearing Citrine for confidence, I think the intention and awareness can inspire you to be a little bolder or braver. I love the mindfulness of it all, the purposeful wearing of stones to encourage certain energy in our lives.

It's got me wondering, since we're nearing the half-year point, what stones & crystals other people are drawn to right now? Amethyst? Rose Quartz? Serpentine?

Comment down below and let us know what crystal vibes you're rocking!

#stones #crystals #agate

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