An Intention for Clarity & Focus: The New Moon in Gemini

With the New Moon leaving Taurus and entering Gemini, there's an opportunity to expand our ability to adapt and be flexible. Gemini is vocal, declarative, and demonstrative. It's not necessarily an energy that comes easily for many people. For some, the forth-right communicative vibes of the Twins comes naturally; for others, Gemini ground can feel a bit unsturdy. But rest assured, the New Moon in Gemini is a positive time for communicating your wants and needs, for making bold statements about the things you want to pursue and for developing the flexibility required for harmonious living.

If you'd like to do a quick & simple intention for tonight's New Moon, read on!

What You'll Need

A candle

Two meaningful totems, ideally associated with Gemini. Keeping duality & The Twins in mind, choose two objects to represent your unique and dynamic self. A soft feather and a hard stone. A green leaf and a handful of sand. Oil and water.

Place your items safely around or near your candle.

Meditate on the duality within yourself and how you benefit from those characteristics.

"I am kind and encouraging, which leads me to meaningful interactions with loved ones."

"I am bold and assertive, and I live life on my own terms.

Consider what traits of yours may need to feel the influence of Gemini. Which of your muscles could use some stretching? Do you need to turn up the volume on your voice so that your needs are met? Would you like to expand your interests and try something new?

Light the candle and in a clear and stable voice ask for the New Moon's blessing in your pursuits.

"May the New Moon inspire courage within me, and may Gemini walk with me & embolden my steps forward."

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