Summertime, we're ready for you!

I stopped into the shop this week with my daughter and we had SUCH a fun time checking out the lovely Mermaid display table she has set out! There are new stones, luminaries, jewelry, beautiful statues, mojo kits and curiosities scattered around the mermaids. It got me thinking of how excited I am that summertime is quickly approaching, when we can dip more than our toes into the water. The beach, the sun, the optimism and joy that come with summertime are SO needed right about now. A deep dive, a moment of unrestricted enjoyment, a bon fire or two or three.

I absolutely love the vibes at the shop. When you pop into Mama Tracy's, you never really know what you're going to be inspired by and I think that's part of why so many of us keep on coming back! The displays aren't just displays: They're stories, with wonderment and magick going on & when you find yourself at the shop, there's always a reason that you've wandered in.

Sending you good vibes & hoping to see you in the shop soon!

#mermaids #summertime

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