Weekend Energy: Moving Out of Toxic Environments (the 8 of cups)

This weekend, we're being asked to nurture our selves by acknowledging the things that no longer serve us. That relationship that drains you? That procrastinating habit that keeps you from reaching your full potential? That room full of clutter & things weighing down your life?

Whatever it is that's holding you back: It's time to move on. It's time to accept the situation or the loss, consider the investment sunk, and value yourself enough that YOU take care of YOU. You are not bound to continue suffering in toxic relationships. You are not meant to endure hardship after hardship without light at the end of the tunnel. The moon is moving from Leo into Virgo, so put on your bravest face and tackle the difficult tasks at hand. You are strong and motivated and capable and DESERVING. No matter how public or personal what you're going through is, it's okay to say "Enough's enough" and move on ON YOUR OWN TERMS. There are brighter skies and safer shores out there for you.


#eightofcups #weekendenergy

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