Sunlight, Incense & Your Root Chakra

Whenever we are blessed with a few consecutive days of sunshine in the spring, I always feel the difference in my Root Chakra first. The Root Chakra is our basic foundation as a human. Located at the base of our spine and situated there as the root & foundation for the chakras that flow upwards, the Root Chakra can often be overlooked and untended to.It's easy to get caught up in life and busy-ness and being there for other people, to the point that we may not be addressing our own needs.

Take some time on this STUNNINGLY SUNNY day to think about your needs as a person. Are you safe? Are you providing for your self? Are you basic needs being met? Root Chakra work is hard and necessary. It can be difficult admitting that your environment isn't good for you anymore. It is painful to consider moving on from toxic partnerships. It can be uncomfortable acknowledging areas that need work. But it's crucial that you take some time to connect with your Root. When you're safe and secure and confident, your Root energy flows throughout you and provides support for your Spirit.

Head on up to the shop and scoop up some incense! I'll be enjoying a FULL DAY of sun, and then burning the Ganesh incense at sunset tonight. Tend to your needs. Eat well. Let your body be in motion. Let your body be still. Take a little time today for your Self.

#rootchakra #incense

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