When the Sun & Moon are in Cancer: A Ritual for Emotional Self-Care

Right now, the Sun and Moon are in Cancer. As a Cancer myself, I'm feeling the strong pulls of the celestial current. But I'm used to being "rooted" in water, where actions and attitudes and emotions all sort of feel the same and are all very connected. It's a space where thoughts and actions are influenced by our own and other people's attitudes. It's not an abandonment of logic or practicality. But it's certainly a surrender to feel the things you feel without much apology or explanation. It can be intense and uncomfortable, but it's also honest and receptive.

For those feeling the Cancerian influence, now is likely a time of intense emotional overwhelm. If you're used to suppressing your own emotional responses to your environment, you might be feeling called to just RELEASE and allow those responses to occur unchecked. Maybe you feel a little softer than usual.

Maybe a little more rough.

Maybe you're nervous to hold on or to let go but - The Sun and Moon are with you!

Fighting against your OWN CURRENT is not advised at this time.

Cancer waters aren't easy to navigate, and it's important to find your bearings to express your emotions responsibly. Your truth and your spiritual wellness always matter, and the weight of a Cancer Sun & Moon presses us to consider our entire community not just ourselves - our parents and family and friends. What's happening privately in our hearts & minds will inevitably display itself publicly in our actions & principles & moods. These fluctuations are healthy, but take some time now, with the fullness of Cancer's influence, to be sure you are tending to your own needs and that you are well. It's important to check in with ourselves, and maintain an awareness of how our well-being can affect us and those around us.

When we mindfully take care of our emotional landscape, we channel the comfort and stability and kindness that runs through Cancer.

Tonight, take a long soak or shower. Use a salt soak or bath fizz. Have essential oils or a candle going. Give your self a thorough body cleanse, and allow for some quiet moments of release. Pay attention especially to your heart chakra, that it may be open and expressive and protective.

End your soak with a few positive affirmations.

"I am a woman and I am worth caring for."

"I know my heart and I am ready to give and receive care."

"I trust my emotions and will listen to my spirit."

Artwork by Sammy Burns


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