Energy for the Day: The Queen of Wands

She is here to encourage us to protect our inner spark. She is bold & engaging, confident in social settings and excited to be a part of her community. But to balance the outgoing & gregarious moments, there's always that little bit of mystery, those things that are just for her. It's crucial that we remember who we are and protect ourselves from negative influence. We are not meant to sacrifice our values or get along to get along. We don't have to give our Self over to people and environments if we don't want to. She wants us to be a positive influence for others by living out our principles, keeping our internal fires going and establishing boundaries.

Tonight, light a candle and meditate on both the loud & quiet parts of your Self. Reflect on how those things serve you in your day to day life & examine any areas where you let one aspect do all of the work.

#queenofwands #wands #energyoftheday

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