Stones for Scorpio Season

With the crisp morning air and lush regal shades of Autumn, Scorpio Season has begun! Something about this time of year just seems to lend itself to the mysterious and alluring vibes of Scorpio. An eerie sunrise here, an unexpectedly stunning warm afternoon there, the last vibrant breaths of nature before She settles in for winter. Things just seem a bit more interesting this time of year. It's a time to expect the unexpected, to acknowledge the shadows, and to be open to accepting without fully understanding. No reason to count ANY thing or ANY one out. Scorpio time is here.

It's a perfect time to explore and honor the parts of ourselves that we don't tend to show others. What are those things about ourselves that we purposefully don't reveal? What talents do we keep hidden? What depths do we leave for just our self or a few select others? It's not so much about deception or concealment as it is about necessary privacy. Not every thing about us has to be known to every one else. Your inner mysteries are personal and unique to you. The higher influences of Scorpio might be ushering in some radical acceptance for you on those issues that you don't let surface very often, while the lower vibrations may be silencing you with thoughts of denial or unworthiness. If you're particularly affected by the emotional and fluid water signs, I recommend taking time to meditate and focusing on grounding work.

If you're wanting to manifest or amplify the Scorpio vibes in your day to day grind, come on up to the shop and scoop up some of the stones we're working with this month!

Natural Tiger's Eye

A stone that supports and increases one's self-worth. Healing emotional issues and stimulating creativity, this stone is great for those who are sensitive or feeling affected by their environments.


A helpful stone that wards off negative energy and influences while remaining open to receiving messages, whether by dream or intuition.

Dragon Stone

A stone for grounding, good for the low to mid chakras that concern your personal safety, security and emotional stability. Wear, carry with you, or use this stone in meditations to encourage healing and patience with your self.

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