Weekend Energy: Joan of Arc

We're back with the Weekend Energy and it's coming to us from Joan of Arc. I think she's here to get us thinking about what WE believe our life and purpose is. What is your calling? Are you living it out? If you aren't tapping into your potential or if you aren't pursuing your passions - What are you doing right now to step towards them? Now isn't the time to ignore your instincts or to postpone what speaks to you. Do you have a vision for your life that you've been too fearful to put into motion? Maybe you think you don't deserve it or aren't good enough or maybe you're worried what other people might say if you finally just GO for it. Maybe you've been feeling unable to access your divine purpose. This weekend - Start believing in your vision. Tell your self that it's possible. Light a candle for manifesting. And meditate on ways to focus your energy ✨"I have a steel-like faith in myself. The angels armor me with conviction."

#weekendenergy #divinefeminine

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