Weekend Energy: The Ace of Swords

Our Weekend Energy Card: The Ace of Swords. It can be a busy time of year, with fast-changing schedules and hectic routines. It's whole lot of rush without much pause. If you're juggling unexpected or over-whelming responsibilities, you may not feel like you have a minute to spare for yourself. Maybe you don't feel prepared to shoulder your circumstance. But you are capable, your efforts are meaningful and your time is valuable ✨The moon will be entering Cancer, and with the Sun in Scorpio we'll be under a lot of emotional, watery influence. This weekend, find your Self a moment of stillness. The Sword is here to remind us how important it is to guard our mind & energy. Feel what you're feeling and move forward with practical, thoughtful steps. If your heart is heavy or weary, let your head steer for a while. Stay focused. Clear out unnecessary mental clutter. And be mindful about where you're investing your time ✨

#weekendenergy #aceofswords #eightofswords

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