Heart Chakra Work for the Holiday Season

We’ve officially entered the busy end-of-year stretch where most weekends are packed with errands, events and celebrations. It’s a fast-paced time where most of us are encouraged by holidays like Thanksgiving to be grateful, but it can feel like we’re pressed for time or energy. With the dropping temperatures and quickening pace of life, the Heart Chakra can be put through the ringer. If you’re sensitive to lack of sunshine or dealing with social anxieties or if you’re eager to stretch all your extroverted muscles in big displays of holiday extravagance, you’re due for some Heart Chakra Work. It can be helpful during this time of year to do a little chakra maintenance so schedule some time to get grounded.

What You’ll Need

green stones


green candle

paper & pen

a chair or comfortable surface to sit

your phone case/wallet/purse/item you carry daily

The Heart Chakra is represented by the color green. Set up a small reflection space on a flat surface. Find yourself a green candle, green stones like aventurine or moss agate, or other green elements. Pull a tarot or oracle card. If you have living plants, incorporate them into your space. Whether it’s a small succulent or a larger houseplant, water and tend to it. And then tend to your Heart Chakra. Light the candle and gather your thoughts. Sit down, focus on your breathing and visualize light entering your chest. When you’re ready, write out three things you want to hold on to and three things you want to let go of.

Read out loud the list of things you want to let go of and discard it. Speak it into the universe that you no longer want things not meant for you. Then say the things you want to hold on to. And tuck the piece of paper into the back of your phone case as a reminder of the things you are interested and invested in.

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