What's Your Favorite Tarot Card?

Whether you're a reader or a tarot enthusiast, today I'm wondering what your favorite card is. What about that card speaks to you? Is it a card you draw often in readings? Or does it represent an energy that you want to manifest in your life?

With the multitude of tarot and oracle decks available, there are SO many visual interpretations to work with. Some people vibe with the standard Rider-Waite. Others prefer Oracle or Angel Decks. And still others go a step further and create decks of their own, using blank cards and crafting their own images. Whatever your fancy, I'm curious to see what types of cards people are connecting with.

Lately, the Nine of Pentacles has really been on my mind. As a reader, I always love seeing this card in spreads for friends and family. But she's an energy I don't often see in my own readings. It's a card of personal wealth, whatever that means to you. And for me? That's definitely a theme I want to focus on manifesting in my life starting now and moving into the new year.

What cards are calling to you?

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