Black Salt: In the Shop and Online!

Whether you're stopping in the shop or browsing our online offerings, you've probably noticed that little section of curiosities. You know what I'm talking about, it's the little corner with coffin nails and holy water and graveyard dirt. And Black Salt.

Black Salt is used in removal spell work, warding against evil and negative forces. It's often sprinkled with charcoal, which assists in filtering out unwanted influences. As such, it is not for ingesting.

I use it often in protection spells, combining it with Mojo Kits (for amplification) or creating from scratch. I've done Summer Solstice spells with Dried Sunflower Petals, to attract harmony and happiness, and Black Salt to protect me from unkind energies.

Place a little Black Salt anywhere you think you might need a little protection, like at your desk, in your bag, or in common areas. Replenish as needed.

Keep your Witch Arsenal stocked up: We offer Black Salt both in our shop and online!


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