Energy Card for the Week Ahead: The Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is here to walk with all of us who are having a hard time heading into the holiday season. Whether it be loss, grief or hardships. If it's your first or tenth holiday without a certain person, if you're struggling with private burdens, this Queen offers up her strength and perspective. We learn some of our most important lessons about ourselves during our hardest times ✨ Be kind to yourself as you work your way through what you're feeling. Be receptive but guard yourself from unnecessary pain. Find lessons and wisdom where you can. When you struggle to see the lesson - accept the experience. The Swords get a reputation for being harsh and focused on suffering. But the Queen watches over her kingdom, assuring them that their purpose is not to suffer but to learn. ✨ The Queen of Swords offers you her courage, calmness and clarity.

#swords #queenofswords #energyfortheweek

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