Featured Mojo Kit: A Damn Good Year

2019 has been a YEAR. If you're excited to usher in 2020 - we feel you! There's nothing like the hope that comes with new beginnings, opportunities, and fresh starts. So what steps are you taking now to set yourself up for success in the coming year? How are you guiding your intentions into action?

If you've ever stopped at the mojo shelves in the shop, you've likely noticed how GREAT they all smell! A Damn Good Year is no exception - the scent is amazing, like cloves & other earthy grounding spices & herbs 🌿 Maybe you've found yourself peaking at the mojos (I think we all have, I mean the names alone, Boohoo Barbee?! Love it!) but maybe you're not sure what to do with or how to use them - each kit comes with a set of clear instructions on manifesting energy. And there's something incredibly calming & restorative about working with a mojo kit.

This candle kit is used to create new year beginnings, new energies or positive beginnings. Yes please! This is for anyone who wants or needs several new beginnings at once, who is trying to accomplish a lot at once or just wants success for the rest of the year. From a new job, home, love and even weight loss, this can help you rid yourself of old negativity, whether they are from last year or this current one. This kit can also help you stick with your New Year Resolutions and help create a damn good year with positive beginnings 🎉

So let's get some mojo rising for your resolutions! Come on into the shop, see what inspires you!

The Damn Good Year Mojo Candle Kit

#mojokit #newyearresolutions #mojoofthemonth

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