First Full Moon of the New Decade in Cancer

What are you doing tonight to celebrate the year's first Full Moon? Charging your crystals and tarot decks? Smudging? Drawing a bath and exploring the depths of this Water Sign?

The first Full Moon of the new decade is here and it's in Cancer, where emotions run deep and intuition rules. The Wolf Moon will be in eclipse tonight, though not visible to us in the states. As we're justing beginning a new decade, the first Full Moon eclipsing in Cancer feels like a big pull to listen to Our Hearts. Tonight, I'll be working with my new Lenormand Deck, getting familiar with the images and messages of certain pairings.

I always think it's fitting during a Cancer Moon to relax, recharge and do some comfort things. Take an extra long shower or a luxurious bath. Treat yourself. Make time for something that's meaningful to you and brings you joy.

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#fullmoon #cancer

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