Embrace Your Eccentricities: Aquarius Season is Here!

This Fixed-Air sign is all about exciting and unusual combinations of energies, and their season is a great time for taking opportunities to do things a little differently. Especially with Moon in Virgo, it seems like a great time to think about how to incorporate the finer traits of The Water Bearer into our lives. Whether you vibe with Aquarian vibes or not, I think we should make a decision this Aquarius season to tap into some of that energy.

Don't limit yourself. Allow your personality a little flexibility. Give yourself space to evolve. Don't settle for anything that doesn't feel right. Don't compromise on things that matter and don't get bogged down in emotional turmoil for having an opinion on something. If you're a little more on the introverted side, maybe try going out and striking up conversations with new people. Find a hobby group and connect with people over a shared interest.

Be willing to put your true self out there and see what happens.

Some stones to work into your daily routines, either for wearing or for use in rituals:

Amethyst and Moss Agate


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