Crystals for Pisces Season

We're moving into Pisces Season and I for one am THANKFUL! The empathetic and inclusive vibes of Pisces are always such a relief after Aquarius time. I love the charming, providing nature of Pisces. I've yet to meet a Pisces who wouldn't put their world on pause to help someone else out. But it's that same ability to be a resource to so many that can often keep Pisces people stuck in neutral, rather than discovering and tending to their own needs.

This Pisces season, I've chosen some stones that I think are great for encouraging confidence and assertiveness, for nurturing self-love and for protection from negative energy.

Milky Quartz

A good grounding stone for Pisces. Promotes clarity and confidence, enhances focus and concentration.

Black Tourmaline

Guards against chaotic environment. Removal of negative energy, restoration of peace. Best held in the hand to feel the energy resonate. A good crystal for those struggling to assert themselves.


Self-love, acceptance, intuition, peace and soothing mood swings


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